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70 Derby Road, Long Eaton, Nottingham NG10 4LB


T: 0115 946 8954

What are your opening times?

We are open 8:30am to 5:30pm Monday to Friday and 8:30am – 11:00am Saturday morning. You can often find us here before 8:30am and after 5:3pm during the week though!


How Can I contact you?

You can call us on 0115 9468954, email us on elsonandhall@btconnect.com, or pop in to see us in our shop at 70 Derby Road, Long Eaton, Nottingham NG10 4LB. We are a shop rather than a factory and we pride ourselves on having a friendly approach so you’re welcome to pop in and see us.


What if I’m not sure what I actually want?

Not a problem at all, we often find that people know what they want but can’t always explain it, so we’re here to help, there’s not much in the printing world that we haven’t seen or heard about, so you’re welcome to ring or come in, in a non pressure environment, and we can run through any options available in relation to what you need, then let you decide from there.


How quick will my job be turned around?

That depends on the job, as almost all of our work is printed and finished in house, we do have the ability to turn jobs round same day if we need to, but we normally discuss you requirements beforehand and we can tell you then if we can meet your deadline or not, if we’re physically able to do it, we will. We really don’t like to turn work away so we will go above and beyond to make sure we get your job done for when you need it.


Do you have minimum orders?

We do on our clothing, our minimum order is 5 garments at a time, but not on printing, although if it’s something that needs to be printed, cut, creased etc you may find it worthwhile to order a few more than just one to make it cost effective for yourself.


Will I see a proof

Yes, for new jobs we always like to show you a proof before we proceed, we can send you a PDF proof by email, or if there’s any concern about colours/images etc we normally offer to produce a hard copy proof for you to pop in and look at.


Do I need to pay a deposit when placing an order?

If you’re a new customer to us, we normally ask for an upfront deposit of 50% of the value of the order, with the rest being payable upon completion. For account customers we normally process orders without requiring a deposit (dependant on credit limits and value of order).


How do I get an account?

We wouldn’t normally open an account for someone on their first order, but after a couple of orders, if you can supply us with a company letterhead with all your necessary details on and we can set you up with an account with a limited credit facility.


How can I pay?

For account customers we accept bank transfer or cheque, but for non account customers we accept cash or debit card (minimum £10 spend on debit card transactions), we can also accept bank transfer or cheque, but we would not be able to release any printing until funds are cleared.


Can you print something from my phone?

Yes, although we normally ask you to email it to us on elsonandhall@btconnect.com First, then we can print your attachment.


Can you print something from a memory stick?

Yes, not a problem.


Can you print from hard copy?

Yes we can photocopy hard copies, but if it’s a choice of having a hard copy or a digital copy when it comes to artwork we would almost always ask for the digital copy, you get a much better print quality when it comes directly from the computer. But any normal photocopying like letters etc. are not a problem as hard copies.


Can you scan and email things to me?

Yes, we’re more than happy to do that for you, it can be a single page or a multi page document. We can scan then either email, drop onto your own memory stick or put onto a CD for you.


Can I wait while you do my printing / photocopying / scanning?

Depends on what it is, we try to do most photocopying / scanning etc as you wait, but sometimes if it isn’t possible at that time, we may ask you to come back to collect, which would normally be later on the same day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Technical Frequently Asked Questions

Can I supply my own artwork?

Absolutely, we can work from many different types of files.


What file formats can you take?

We can accept files from all sorts of software, from word/publisher/excel/powerpoint to photoshop/illustrator, although to save any issues with fonts, we would normally ask people to supply ‘press ready’ PDFs, that way, with regards to layout, what you see is what you get.


Can you do my artwork for me?

Again, absolutely, we can either do artwork from scratch for you, or if you’ve got your artwork to a certain point we can finish it off for you.


How well will my job match my monitor?

It’s best not to rely on monitors to give a true indication of printed colours, so if you’re in any doubt at all we’ll be more than happy to produce a hard copy proof for you before we proceed with any printing.


Will you match a  sample?

Yes, that is something that we can do, we have a matching system that we use and we keep records of any jobs done this way so if you come back with a repeat order we will have all the relevant information on file for you.


What is the difference between RGB and CMYK.

RGB stands for RED,GREEN,BLUE and is a colour system used on monitors and televisions, CMYK, stands for CYAN,MAGENTA,YELLOW,BLACK and is what makes up the colours in printing, normally referred to as ‘four colour printing’ or more often as ‘full colour printing’, every colour can be made up from these four colours.


What is the difference between litho (lithographic) printing and digital printing?

With Litho printing, the image is separated into 4 colours (CMYK) then used to make 4 individual ‘printing plates’ then each colour is transferred to a rubber blanket and then all 4 combine on to the paper to make up the finished image. It requires an initial setup cost to ‘make ready’ the machine and produce the 4 printing plates, but after the initial setup, it doesn’t cost as much to run.


Digital printing is a four colour process reproduction method (CMYK) that uses electronic files (rather than printing plates) and dots of colour to produce an image using toner or ink. There are no setup costs involved with digital printing, but each sheet that runs through the machine cost a certain amount, which doesn’t change as you print more sheets, this method is perfect for short run printing, but for long runs, the overall costs can overtake the costs of litho printing.


Both Litho and digital have their advantages, one is not necessary better than the other, just different processes match different requirements.


What is Pantone Matching

Pantone is an extensive colour system using single colour inks to get a highly accurate colour, on a litho press you can print using these single colour inks, but on a digital press you can only simulate these colours using CMYK colours, which can give you a very near match but not always exact.


What is bleed?

This is one of the most common questions we get asked. When any image or element on a page touches the edge of the page, extending beyond the trim edge, leaving no margin it is said to bleed. We print on paper that is larger than the finished size, so adding bleed (at least 2mm on each edge) on a document allows us to cut the finished product to size without leaving any uneven white borders, to give a neat and professional finish.


The reason for this is that all printing has a certain movement in it, each sheet can vary slightly in position, so when you cut a stack of paper, the top sheet may cut perfectly in position, but some underneath it may move by up to 1mm, if that happens and there’s no bleed there, you’ll end up with 1mm white line down the edge of the page which can look unsightly.


Can you add bleed?

Most of the time, yes, but it all depends on what is supplied to us to begin with.


What is the maximum sheet size you can print?

On our Xerox Digital presses the maximum sheet size we print is SRA3, which is 450 x 320mm, the maximum print area for this size sheet is 435 x 305mm.


On our large format machines, the material is on a roll so length can be whatever you need, but we’re limited to the print width, which is 700mm (on a 760mm sheet width) on our roland printer/cutter, or 1000 (on a 1067mm sheet width) on our HP printer.


How much do you charge for artwork?

Artwork costs vary depending on what needs doing, but we’re always up front about what we will be charging. We normally discuss your requirements with you at quoting stage and let you know how much they will be, so as long as nothing drastically changes from the original discussion, the price we tell you is the price you will pay.


What is the difference between pages and leaves

‘Pages’ refers to ‘printed pages’, but ‘leaves’ refers to ‘sheets of paper’, so a single ‘leaf’ can have one page (single sided) or two pages (if it’s double sided).


Can I use photo’s from a website or facebook for printing?

As long as there’s no copyright infringement on what you want to use, you can use images from websites/facebook, BUT images are automatically shrunk down for web use, so the quality will normally not be good enough for most printing purposes. If the images are only going to be small (for business card etc) you can sometimes get away with it, but for anything else it’s best to try and get the original images.


Can you deliver my job?

Yes, if you’re local to Long Eaton, Derby or Burton on Trent we can normally deliver jobs FOC, if you’re anywhere outside those areas and we can’t deliver personally we have a very competitive next day courier that we use, prices start from £5.99 per parcel.


What printing machinery do you have?

We have two digital Xerox printing presses, a roland printer/cutter (for cut to shape vinyl labels, poster, banner etc) , a roland cutter (for cut vinyl lettering, t shirt transfers), a HP large format printer (for architectural drawings, large posters) then we have a programmatic guillotine, booklet maker, folding machine, heat press and various binding machinery.